Total Supply - 1,000,000,000 tokens Max Wallet - 2% of the supply

10% of the total supply is stored in the deployer - Here
  • 5% for Revhub Team revenue share allocation
  • 5% for future development

5/5 Buy & Sell Tax

Revhub's ecosystem functions on a strategically planned tokenomics model, supported by a 5/5 buy and sell tax structure. This approach guarantees the project's sustainable growth and stability while fostering an environment conducive to rewarding both investors and the project's development.
  • 3% to M.I.A Trading Fund - Here - A pivotal aspect of Revhub's success lies in the efficiency and effectiveness of our trading strategies. To fuel these strategies and facilitate consistent profit generation, 3% of the buy and sell tax is directed towards the M.I.A Trading Fund.
  • 1% to Revenue Share Pool - Here - Recognizing the vital role our investors play in the project's journey, 1% of the buy and sell tax is allocated to the Revenue Share Pool. This pool is the backbone of our commitment to reward and align the success of our investors directly with the project's performance.
  • 1% for Buyback and Liquidity Provision - Here - Market stability and token value are paramount for Revhub's sustainable growth. Therefore, 1% of the buy and sell tax is allocated for the Buyback and Liquidity Provision. This fund serves a dual purpose: supporting token buybacks when necessary to maintain market stability and providing liquidity to ensure a healthy trading environment for our token.

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