Revenue Share

The concept of revenue share within the Revhub ecosystem stands as a cornerstone, symbolizing a commitment to empowering and rewarding its investors. Beyond merely holding tokens, investors actively participate in the project's success through a mechanism that aligns their prosperity with the project's performance.
Revenue share encapsulates the essence of equitable distribution and transparency, offering a pathway for investors to partake directly in the profits generated by the platform's robust strategies.

Revenue Share Eligibility

  • Investor must hold at least 2.5 million Revhub tokens (0.25% of the total supply).
  • Tokens must be held in one wallet continuously for the 25 days prior to the next revenue share claim.
  • To receive your full revenue share proportional to your held balance, ensure that your entire balance is maintained for a full 25-day period before each claim. Fluctuations in your balance can affect the total claim amount.
  • If a holder buys, sells, or transfers tokens within their 25-day period, their revenue share is adjusted based on the average number of tokens vs duration held during this period.
This approach ensures that all investors, regardless of when they entered the ecosystem, have an opportunity to participate and benefit from the revenue share program in a fair and equitable manner.

Claiming and Forfeiture Rules

  • Revhub prioritizes user experience and ease of access. The revenue share distribution happens on the 1st of each month starting from January 1st 2024, ensuring transparency and predictability for holders.
  • If a holder misses claiming their rewards for two consecutive claim periods, the accumulated rewards will be forfeited and re-compounded into M.I.A's trading fund. This re-compounding occurs 24 hours after the end of the second missed claim period.
  • If a holder's token balance drops below 2.5 million, they forfeit any eligible revenue claim and their 25-day eligibility counter restarts when their balance reaches 2.5 million again.

Claim Mechanism

Unlike traditional methods, where returns might be in project-specific tokens subject to market volatility, Revhub takes a different approach. Holders receive their part of revenue share in Ethereum, claimed directly in their wallet through the user-friendly dashboard on the Revhub website. - Claim Rewards Here The intuitive dashboard interface simplifies the process, allowing users to effortlessly claim their Ethereum rewards in few clicks with a gas-free transaction. Why Ethereum? - The choice of Ethereum as the pay-out currency for revenue shares provides holders with a reliable and solid passive income. Ethereum's established solidity and widespread acceptance within the crypto sphere add an extra layer of security and trust for investors. This strategic decision underscores Revhub's commitment to offering a reliable and sustainable income stream for its community.

Calculating Your Revenue Share

Exclusions from Revenue Share Eligibility
  • Deployer Wallet - 5% of the tokens allocated to the deployer are not eligible for revenue share
  • Buyback Wallet - Tokens held in the buyback wallet are not eligible for revenue share
  • Uniswap Wallet - Tokens held in the uniswap wallet are not eligible for revenue share

To determine your Revenue Share rewards, use the following formula.
D={0if Bmin<2.5mil,((Bstart25×min(25,Edays)+i=1n(max(BiSi,0)25×Hdaysi))T)×Pif Bmin2.5mil and S<B,((BstartS+i=1n(Bi25×Hdaysi))T)×Pif Bmin2.5mil and S>B, D = \begin{cases} 0 & \text{if } B_{min} < 2.5\text{mil}, \\ \left( \frac{\left( \frac{B_{start}}{25} \times \min(25, E_{days}) + \sum_{i=1}^{n} \left( \frac{\max(B_i - S'_i, 0)}{25} \times H_{days_i} \right) \right)}{T} \right) \times P & \text{if } B_{min} \geq 2.5\text{mil} \text{ and } S < B, \\ \left( \frac{\left( B_{start} - S + \sum_{i=1}^{n} \left( \frac{B_i}{25} \times H_{days_i} \right) \right)}{T} \right) \times P & \text{if } B_{min} \geq 2.5\text{mil} \text{ and } S > B, \end{cases}
  • APeriodAPeriod
    : The period from
    days before the current distribution to the date of distribution.
  • BminB_{min}
    : Minimum balance of the address in
  • BstartB_{start}
    : Balance of the address at the start of
  • SS
    : Total amount of revhub sold by the address in
  • BB
    : Total amount of revhub bought by the address in
  • BiB_i
    : Amount of revhub bought by the address on the i-th buy transaction within
  • SiS'_i
    : The cumulative amount of sells subtracted from the buys up to the i-th buy transaction. This is calculated sequentially from the first buy and continues subtracting from each subsequent buy until all the sells are accounted for or all the buys have been reduced.
  • HdaysiH_{days_i}
    : Number of days the revhub bought in the i-th transaction was held before the current distribution.
  • nn
    : Number of buy transactions within
  • EdaysE_{days}
    : The number of days before the current distribution since the balance of the address went from below 2.5 million to equal or above 2.5 million due to a buy transaction.
  • TT
    : Total eligible revhub held by all users who meet the requirement.
  • P P
    : Total ETH available for distribution.
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