Ecosystem & Future Developments

The strategic goal of Revhub's ecosystem is to create a diversified portfolio of income streams that channel profits into the Revenue Share Pool and Treasury. This multifaceted approach aims to maximize benefits for token holders by leveraging a multitude of revenue sources. Each income stream, whether through algorithmic trading, partnerships, innovative ventures, or strategic investments, will contribute to the collective pool, significantly increasing the rewards for our holders.

Revenue Share Pool Income Streams

  • 1% of Token Buy & Sell Taxes - Every buy and sell transaction of Revhub tokens incurs a 1% tax, directly bolstering the Revenue Share Pool with consistent funding from trading activities.
  • 60% of M.I.A's Net Profit - A significant portion of profits from M.I.A., our key trading bot, is channeled into the pool. Her strategic trades contribute 60% of net profits, serving as a major source of revenue.
  • 40% of I.R.I.S's Net Profit per SAAS - From each SAAS partnership involving I.R.I.S, 40% of the net profits are dedicated to the revenue share pool. For more details on specific SAAS contracts, please visit the BOTS section.
  • More Income Streams To Be Announced - Revhub is consistently on the lookout for innovative opportunities to generate additional revenue. As we grow and diversify, we will introduce new income streams, each thoughtfully curated to enrich the Revenue Share Pool. Every new initiative is strategically geared towards expanding our financial ecosystem, with a keen focus on significantly boosting the returns for our valued token holders, underlining our unwavering commitment to the flourishing of the Revhub ecosystem.
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